Having a training course which has been uniquely developed to fit your requirements and structure of your business or organization is an invaluable resource for your employees.
A Bespoke training can be an excellent way to provide extra support to parts of your team that might be struggling. As the training courses are uniquely fitted to your organization, this saves time and effort as employees won’t have to take on information that isn’t useful to their role.
Bespoke training is branded for your organization. The raw content you have or content that is specific to you, is usually used to design the training. The examples and case studies will be relevant to your organization and the assessments would be specifically designed for you or your organization.
If you are unable to find a standard course in our training list which meets your specific needs, we are happy to assist in the development of bespoke training program, tailored or customised to meet your specific needs/requirements.
We will design, build and deliver the most suitable training to achieve your desired outcomes.

“We trained a total of 42 personnel (Manager Cadre) from Oando Plc in a bespoke training program, developed to proffer effective solutions to the needs gap in the operational project management ethics of Oando organization hierarchy. It was a non-academic experience-based, case study embedded delivery that was designed to meet their operational needs identified during a training needs analysis assessment process performed by HOMMASTON for Oando Plc.”

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