Year after year, employees from all kinds of industries are injured through accidents or fall ill due to unsafe conditions that could have been avoided through basic training in health and safety related issues.

It will only take one severe injury or ailment and often unforeseen incident, to bring a serious compensation storm. Compensation claims can prove quite deadly when you are also at the wrong side of the Law by neglecting the training required by law.

Undoubtedly, organizing a Health and Safety training for your employees is a very important investment. Employees in many ways are like customers, treat them well and they stay, treat them well and they feel valued and treat your business well in return.

Whatever the size of your business or company, Health and Safety Training is necessary, and it should be given a strong consideration if you haven’t already. Our Health and Safety Workshop/Programmes have been designed to help you pursue a professional Career path in Health and Safety and as an organization build a healthier workforce, thereby increasing your employees’ competency levels.

Our Health and Safety Workshop/Programmes, are delivered in concert with, our Professional Partners, who are Qualified and Certified by the different Health and Safety Accreditation Bodies (NEBOSH, IOSH, AOFAQ and NATIONAL SAFTEY COUNCIL) to practice in this field.”

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