The world is expected to continue to run primarily on fossil fuels to supply its energy in the near to medium term. This continuous dependence will see countries such as ours, focus more in adding value to its natural resources. With oil prices expected to remain relatively low in the medium to long term, the focus on refining will become imperative. This will create a new opportunity to transform the fundamentals of the downstream sector and shifting from a “net imports” to “net exports”.

Our Refinery Technology Simulation Training Model Courses highlights the significance of Refinery operation as a major skills gap in the Midstream Sector of the Industry. Our training courses under this area will examine the intricacies of refining operations, with the implementation and training of plant personnel using Simulator Based Training, as well as the current trends across the globe.

The courses will be delivered by our partner, who are a world-renowned consultant with many years of experience in Process Simulation, which include both a DCS component and a Virtual Reality Outside Operation. Each course focuses on fundamental, yet comprehensive, individual and team exercises which promote trainee-driven learning. The Laboratory exercises follow an INSTOTM methodology and use a Minds-On/Hands-On Training Strategy. This allows Trainees to maximize their training investment. These training will give the hands-on training experience required for further process knowledge in experienced operators, engineers and technicians.



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