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Occupational Skills Enhancement* EPCM Consulting* Graduate Career Guidance* Oil Field Consultancy* Project Engineering Management  

You’re welcome to experienced qualitative capacity building.

At Hommaston we pride ourselves at being the indigenous Training industry quality delivery trailblazer.

Our delivery process is a synergy of ISO 9001 managerial system complemented by operational hybrid of ASTM 2659 and ISO 29993.

While Our Training Facilities are structured to provide the requisite Ambience and comfort needful to support adult learning adventures, our courses are designed to achieve adequate knowledge acquisition, Retention and application.

We are a world-class training delivery organisation supported by international collaborative synergies for specialised deliveries. Courses and certifications are delivered via Classroom training, Corporate bespoke, Virtual gaming, Blended learning (where applicable) and In-house scheduled approaches appropriately tailored to suit client convenience.
Our professional workforce skills enhancement programs are uniquely engineered for global reception by the auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners (outcome measurements and competency evaluation accompany all training)




Our core value ‘WI3N’ is the embodiment of our organisational culture, definitive of our corporate character and service delivery expectations. It is the bedrock reference for interface considerations, our conduct with stakeholders and defines our safety convictions at work.
These I-Core or I3 are the conveyors for our path to operational excellence and also minimum measure of transparency and accountability to our esteemed clientele.

Wholesome commitment to qualitative service  delivery.

Ingenuity in service, Initegrity in relationships and Intent to add value to all at all times. 

Non-negotiable first priority consideration of the “Safety Entity” in all methods and processes of operations.

To provide a reputable skills enhancement platform that proficiently transforms unskilled resource personnel into invaluable workforce assets.

To be the prominent standard in global delivery of qualitative capacity building services.



HOMMASTON team of experienced professionals are responsible for the strategic direction and the day-to-day operations of the organisation. Covering all aspects of operations, sales, product strategy, administration and finance, our team works together to ensure the continued success of the organistation.

1 Team  5 Partnerships  38 Professionals   1 Goal & 1 Promise

We will make you an invaluable resource

Founding Director Hommaston Limited

An accomplished Engineer with 15years of Engineering Project Delivery Development and 5 Years in Training and Manpower Capacity. He is a BSc. graduate of University of Portsmouth UK and holds a Masters(MSc.) in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from the University of Warwick UK.

With 11yrs experience delivering on many projects with ExxonMobil, TOTAL and CNL on NNPC Joint Ventures as a discipline Engineer his wealth of experience has helped pilot the company into a Training delivery company of choice in the Oil and Gas Sector.

Joseph Anthony CAREW, MSC
Joseph Anthony CAREW, MSC
Founding Director Hommaston Limited

Project Management, (University of Aberdeen) PMP. AMASCE. Currently a Doctoral student (Apollos University Great falls U.S.A.)

Garnered 18 (eighteen) years cognate experience reflective of successful professional performance on 47-plus live Oil and Gas field development projects (involving NNPC, NLNG, CNL, MPN, TECHNIP, ABB, SAIPEM, TOTAL, OANDO, SHELL, KBR etc.) with responsibilities ranging from, Structural Design drafting lead, QA/QC auditor to Project/Program Manager.

Director HSE, (EFD), Board Member Course design and development.

MSc Environmental Management PGC Industrial Hygiene (Columbia Southern University); London School of Business Finance (MBA), London School of Business Finance UK.

HSE Consultant-Trainer-Coach is a NEBOSH qualified HSE Practitioner with about 16 (sixteen) active and consistent years of experience in HSE administration, operations, training and consulting for clients in Oil and Gas (upstream and downstream), power and energy, manufacturing, ports, banking and allied industries.

Director Project and Risk Management, (EFD).

Project Management Faculty Lead with over 15 years’ experience. A result oriented, hands-on project/program manager with international expertise in Oil and Gas, energy and consulting industry. Consistently works to the highest professional standard yielding multiple business benefits, verifiable track record for successful completion of multi-million-dollar project through coordinating trades, developing partnership, and maintaining positive rapport with project team and stakeholders while maintaining cost, time, and project scope

Abiodun David ABIOYE
Abiodun David ABIOYE
Director Training Faculties, (EFD), Lead Structural Facilitator, Board Member Course design and development.

BSC Structural Engineering COREN /MNSE.

Civil/Structural & Subsea Structural Engineer in the Oil and Gas Sector. (15+) Cognate experience in the Oil & Gas Facilities Industry.

Domain: Engineering design, fabrication, construction and installation of onshore/ offshore subsea facilities in Brownfields and Greenfields Environment.

HOMMASTON’s Lead Civil Facilitator, Dept Director EFD Programs

MSC Structural MNSE. COREN, PECB Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

(15+ Cognate) experience in the Civil Engineering design of civil infrastructural facilities.

Garnered wealth of experience by Professional Services on multi-disciplinary EPCM deliveries at premier consultancy firms, national and international.

Nimot is a Certified project management practitioner and active quality assurance auditor.

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