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This course provides a preliminary orientation of Process Engineering, Stakeholders, Equipment, Deliverables, Project requisites, Project type and function of Oil and Gas facility Process systems. It also provides fundamental Knowledge of the oil and Gas Industry Regulators in Nigeria, Essentials of the Oil and Gas industry, and safety requirement of the industry. It will aid assimilation of project basics by a Process trainee/ new entrant, useful in supporting the design team efforts and boost employability

• Nigeria Oil and Gas industry Regulators.
• Oil and Gas industry Essentials.
• Engineering Project Management Essentials.
• Oil and Gas Health and Safety Essentials.
• Fundamentals of Process Engineering Facility Design.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to

• Define Process Engineering, its application and the process Engineer functionality in oil and gas projects.
• Define a Project, list the different phases and explain the differences between the Phases.
• Identify Process Engineering Design activities and deliverables
• Describe and Identify Production Facilities and Main Process Sections
• Identify and state the functions of typical Process Engineering Equipment
• Identify and state the importance and application of relevant codes and standards in Process Engineering Design
• Identify and state the application of the various Process Engineering design Software
• Understand the functions and Roles of Oil and Gas Regulators in the industry
• Understand the importance of the licenses under regulation and state the requirements of these licenses.
• Identify the activities in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Sectors of the Oil and Gas Industry
• Understand the safety requirement of the industry

This Course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit Technical and non-technical personnel in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and process industries with a need to understand and discuss fundamental process engineering areas:

• Engineers (particularly recently graduated Engineers or Engineers in conversion) looking to acquire Fundamental knowledge and best practices in Oil and Gas facilities design.
• Plant/Operations Personnel and Managers
• Petroleum/Chemical Engineers
• Production Engineers
• Trainee Process Engineers
• R&D Chemists, Plant Chemists
• Economists and Business Managers
• Project Managers/ Coordinators
• Non-technical personnel

2 Days

Minimum of an Undergraduate Degree (B.Eng. B.Sc. HND) Minimum qualification in relevant field.

Hommaston Limited
15 Marina (14th Floor)
Lagos, Nigeria.

This course is an interactive training delivered by our Experienced oil and Gas industry Subject matter experts and adapted to participants’ experience.

Tea Break, Certificate of Completion, and Training Manuals


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